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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  February 4, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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show at the super bowl when some of them suddenly went out. >> half the power in new orleans stadium, the super dome here are out. >> reporter: parts of the super dome plunged into darkness and more than 30 minutes, players and fans waited for the power to come back on and the 3rd 3rd quarter to resume. >> it's a little crazy. >> the san francisco 49ers took advantage of the extended break to launch a 2nd half come back but the baltimore ravens managed to old onto their lead giving john harbaugh a victory over his little brother jim in super bowl xlvii. the more than 71,000 fans who packed the super dome came to see the big game and the big name entertainment. beyonce headlined the half-time show that featured a reunion with her former girl group destiny's child. >> beyonce was wonderful. i loved every second. >> yeah, i don't think she was
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lip syncing today. >> reporter: and in true new orleans fashion, fans kept the celebration going into the morning bringing the parties to bourbon street. >> been a long season. we made it all the way baby and it's time to give a little caw. >> reporter: ravens fans joined in. thousands poured out on o to the streets and some got out of hand forcing cops to move in. on the day after the super bowl, there are plenty of people talking about the commercials themselves and now in social media we know which ones fans rated highly. vehicles wagon with their be happy add and taco bell with the senior citizens, reporting in new orleans, vinita nair, back to you. 5:03, the 49ers fell behind early but boy did they come back. the ravens control the first
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half, second half, here's the kickoff, jacoby jones, 108 yards to tie a super bowl record and give baltimore a 22 point lead and after the power delay, the 9ers woke up. colin kaepernick's touchdown got them within 2 points, ever so close, not close enough. 9ers lose the super bowl. >> we worked so hard to get here and to come out with a loss, it seemed like it was all for nothing, but we have a good group of guys on this team and we'll be back next year. >> i think that last drive when we got the ball and had time to go down and score a touchdown, we thought it was our game. >> i think we all did. baltimore goes on a win by that field goal after they took the safety, the final 34-31 last night. 25 people were arrested in san francisco during and after the game. two women got into a fight at 3 3rd and king street. a few people through bottles alternate officers at 24th and
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hampshire street. no one was hurt. one person was arrested after trying toaster something on fire. -- to start something on fire. fans o. baltimore ravens -- of the baltimore ravens had to be careful. they canceled a gathering, explained that police could not guarantee their safety, so the ravens fans held secret house parties instead. some did gather at one tavern, outnumber by the fans clad in red. >> fantastic. it was a great crowd in there. good hospitality. >> it was a great night for sportsmanship as well. really appreciate it, the hospitality and the enthusiasm on the streets and it's a beautiful thing. >> later ravens fans covered their purple jerseys with buttoned coats and did not do a
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victory dance. : it was a tough night for 9ers fans everywhere including in the east bay. >> i'm disappointed that the 49ers lost but it was a fun game to watch. >> these folks watched the game in pleasanton, all over the bay area, saying they believe the 9ers will come back strong next season. they have colin kaepernick, of course they will. the 9ers are expected back the in the bay area, later this afternoon, michelle griego is is in new orleans this morning. good morning to you want how are youen -- good morning to you want -- good morning to you. are you. >> reporter: it's all right. it's a party in new orleans. of course the motto is let the good times roll and that's been going on all week even though there was a 49ers lost last night, the fans are true and
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faithful. lots of football fans in the french quarter, ravens and 49ers. it was a sea of purple and red and gold. many of them packed the sports bars to watch the game. big screens were going up all over the french quarter so they could watch the game and it was a very emotional one. at one time it looked like the ravens had the win and the 49ers came up and it was such a close game. heartbreaking for the fans who they thought they were going to pull it out. >> still rolling with the 49ers, you know, kaepernick did a good job. didn't fall our way today. it just didn't fall our way. but we'll be back next year. are. >> reporter: they still love their guys and they're hoping that a young colin kaepernick will come back strong next year and hopefully, hopefully see the 49ers in the super bowl
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again. and even though it was a heartbreaking loss, you know, people were out celebrating in the streets very late last night. we were out doing live shots at 1:30 in the morning and there were a lot of people, i hate to say it, a little more raven fans out there. that's okay. 49er fans are still faithful to their guys. >> that's the way it goes when you lose. and i have to ask you, i forgot what i was going to ask you. i'll just say, you're coming home. you get to come home. >> yes. yes, i'm coming home. we're catching a flight later this afternoon and i will be back on the desk with you frank, by wednesday morning. >> i just thought of it, the black out, were you inside, you watched the game the first half, were you there for the black out, and if you were outside, what was it like, was it pandemonium. >> what's funny, we left the super dome about 5 minutes before the black out and when i heard about it is when you
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texted me, hey, what happened, and it was a black out that ended up lasting about a half hour, a little bit more than that. we had left already, getting ready to do our story but mike sugerman was in the fans and he said it was a little crazy but you know what happened, the 49ers came back pretty strong after that black out, so it sparked something in the team. >> it was ad good pick me up for the team and the fans handled it well. it lasted a little over 30 minutes. great job and we will see you a little bit later in the show. michelle griego live for us in the big easy, and joe flacco, you know, he's going to be one of the only quarterbacks now. he has a ring and a lot of people said he's not like a drew brees or a tom brady. >> and it just so happens that his contract is up. >> oh, boy. how well did that work out for him. yeah. yeah. how about weather. we have clouds around the bay area this morning.
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if you're headed outside, low clouds and fog have swept on shore, almost a spring like pattern. high pressure building overhead, we're going to keep things dry and that means we're going to be cool in some spots, especially as you approach the coastline. looking out toward the bay bridge, the beautiful lights, we have cloudy skies, temperatures chilly in the valley. 39 degrees in concord. 38 in livermore. 31 in santa rosa. 46 in san francisco. bring the afternoon we should see 50s and cool temperatures. you'll see a lot of 60s in the valley. there's a threat of rain on the way. let's check out the roads with elizabeth. >> we have some fog in our forecast this morning. making it little difficult to e see traffic cameras. we couldn't see the dublin interchange. obviously things have cleared. we can see traffic. stacked up a little bit in the westbound lanes. drive time 16 minutes are between the pass and the dublin
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interchange. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. elsewhere, to our maps, we have updated information where a car ran off the freeway, onto to city creeks at 680. took out a power pole. just on the city streets, main lines of the freeway look okay. here a live look this morning, foggy if you're traveling through marin county. and you are cruising toward the golden gate bridge. that's traffic. developing news down in southern california, a tour because goes out of control on a mountain road killing 8 people injuring nearly 40. the accident happened last night on state route 38 about 80 miles east of los angeles. the chp says the bus had brake problems and rear ended a sedan, flipped over and hit a pickup truck. passengers were part of a group touring out of tijuana mexico. san jose police are looking
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into a shooting that killed one person and injured another on the east side. officers were called to audubon drive after 9 last night. one victim pronounced dead at the scene and the other was brought to the hospital with injuries not considered life threatening. so far no suspects have been identified and the motive remains unclear. investigators are now trying to determine whether the shooting may have been gang related: and fire investigators are looking into what caused a fire at a marijuana grow house. it broke out just before midnight on north king. firefighters discovered the plants, no injuries have been reported. does it get better, what a new study says about gay men and women later in life. plus a hard sell, why lawmakers are still skeptical of gun control legislation. and a rough landing and it's caught on video, how 5 people walked away from that plane crash. coming up.
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unharmed. the plane's fuel line froze mid- flight.. and the pilot had to make an emergency landing in a snowy field.. while holding the ba the pilot had to make an emergency landing in a snowy
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field. dad recorded the entire thing as the plane flipped onto its top. he said he would have never pulled out his phone if he knew the landing was going to be so tough. how about traffic on a monday, pretty light. >> when we first got in the door, i thought uh-oh, this is going to be the day aft super bowl, fender benders in the road but actually everything is pretty quiet f. you're heading off to work. no metering lights or delays. a lot less road work that we typical see. that's another good spot, a bright spot. elsewhere, east bay traffic. 880 near 66 near the oakland coliseum, a 15 minute drive time between 238 and the maze if you have a flight to catch, no clay in the southbound lanes, past the airport all the
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way down to hayward. to our maps, this is one accident we're just hearing about. it looks like it's in the center divide. northbound 87 approaching 10 #. this is by the san jose airport. a little bit of slowing on one of those sensors there if you're travel traveling up the guadalupe parkway. and the downtown san jose. and 280. so far, very quiet. here's a live look at the milpitas cam. that drive time in the green between 880 and 101. and one more map, b.a.r.t., so far no delay. all trains, including those toward downtown san francisco on time. for more on your forecast, a lot of 60s in there. should be uh-huh nice. hey, you have all those -- should be nice. you have all those fancy cameras, this one coming from the bay bridge, you can see the new span there, and you can see
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the old bridge sitting off to the side on the right, but, yeah, folks changes coming there. they are getting ready. not too long and the count down is underway. they will be opening up that bridge in the not too distant future. you can see high pressure building in. sitting overhead, low clouds and fog have surged on shore. it will take time to break up today. by the afternoon, partly cloudy, cool toward the coastline, the fog going to hang out there. mild temperatures showing up in the valley, and the possibility of rain a little bit later on this week. so the beginning of the week, high pressure sitting here. this system going to roll over the top of that ridge. going to ramp up the winds by tomorrow afternoon and into wednesday and then on thursday and friday, maybe a chance of rain coming our way. traveling around the state, not a bad day to do it. 52 and sunny in lake tahoe. and a chance of drizzle in the eureka area. visibility down to a half mile in north bay valleys. by the middle of the day,
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breaks up somewhat, and even the afternoon the fog lingers around the coastline, and back on shore tonight. and tomorrow morning. the temperatures going to be mild this afternoon in the south bay, 64 in morgan hill. 55 and cool in pacifica. east bay temperatures in the 60s. lots of sunshine and hazy. inside the bay it will take longer for the low clouds and fog to break up. cool in san francisco, keeping temperatures in the 50s there. 61 in santa rosa. wind is going to probably kick up tomorrow and wednesday. and thursday and friday, a slight chance of showers. that looks like a cold system. >> that weekend great. >> weekend should be nice. a best selling author and another man are dead and an ira are ira --irasui war veteran. one of the victims is chris
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kyle, a former navy seal. police say after the shootings 25-year-old eddie ray routh drove to his sister's home and confessed to her. president obama is on the road heading to minnesota to promote his gun control proposals. it was a big issue on the sunday morning talk shows over the weekend. the president wants congress to pass a ban on assault weapons, limit the number of bullets gun clips can hold and require universal background checks. >> it's a fraud to call itdown verify a -- universal. the criminals aren't going to comply with it it. >> i know the value of an assault weapon, to kill people very quickly. they're way it to readily available. >> the proposals include an increase in mental health resources. president obama talked with scott pelley about a number of issues, one of them the bow
5:19 am
scouts and gays. >> my attitude is that gays and lesbians should have access and opportunity the same way everybody else does. >> boy scout leaders announced last week that they are considering now overturning their long standing ban on homosexuals. the organization will meet this week to make a final decision. some new data shows that bullying of gay teens drops off as they get older. a study in england tracked gay, lesbian and bisexual teen, at the start, half said they had been bullied and seven years later it dropped to 9% for boys and 6% for girls. it is 5:21. from the gatorade toast to the harbaugh hug, some of the strangest super bowl bets coming your way, and it was sunday's other big game, we have highlights from the all important puppy bowl.
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130 calories 7 grams of protein the new fiber one caramel nut protein bar. [ male announcer ] with over 50 delicious choices of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant ♪ casino and resor 5:24, welcome back, a lot of money was made and lost last night. kpix5, lynn ramirezfuls at the casino. >> when it comes to proposition betting, you don't have to be a sports fan or know a lot about
5:23 am
betting. >> reporter: do you bet a lot. >> this is my first time really betting. >> a proposition bet is basically something that's going to happen within the game. talking about how many yards colin kaepernick is going to throw for, an oveo or under. >> reporter: starting at $5, you could bet on whether alicia keys would flood the national anthem. or heads or tails during the coin flip. >> a simple 5-dollar bet can get you a hundred buck. >> reporter: it's not bad. >> and a lot of fun. mostly sun. and that was lynn ramirez reporting from reno. it's a safe bet that a lot of people wanted an alternate to the super bowl half-time show and animal planet stepped up to provide one here, a little less dramatic. they televised the annual puppy
5:24 am
bowl. they crossed the goal line with a cute toy. it is 5:25 from blow out to a black out, the 49ers fell short against the ravens but not after a monster come back rally, the highlights from a wild night at the super dome coming up. and san francisco police say 49ers fans were well behaved post super bowl. we'll give you the details on the arrest overnight and how this compared to the world series celebrations. some were funny, some were heartfelt. some were just a little creepy, the biggest scores for the super bowl ads, coming your way.
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[ telephone rings ] good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. you're watching cbs 5
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eyewitness news this morning. a roller coaster of emotions for 49ers fans last night. the thrilling rally that started right after the lights went out. low clouds and fog have rolled back on shore. we could see a little rain this week. we'll talk about that coming up. and an accident in the south bay, san jose just cleared to the right hand shoulder. more on this and a check of mass transit. it's monday february 4th. i'm frank mallicoat. michelle griego is in new orleans. we'll check with her in a couple minutes. it is nearly 5:30 right now. a gut wrenching loss for the 49ers as they fall short in super bowl xlvii but what a game, what a 4th quarter. ravens control the first half and the second half kick off. jacoby jones ran 108 yards to tie a record. then the power went a off for about a half hour. after that, the 9ers got juiced up. colin kaepernick's touchdown got them within two points but
5:29 am
that was as close as they got. >> i want to handle this with class and with grace. there are several, you know, we had several opportunities in the game. we didn't play our best game. the ravens made a lot of plays. >> harbaugh is upset that pass interference was not called on a 4th goal play for the 9ers last play of the game. the baltimore wins it 34-31. a that power outage at the dome delayed the game for 34 minutes in the middle of the 3rd 3rd quarter. a local utility company says the outage happening when sensing equipment detected an abnormality the in the electrical load and opened up the breaker. at the time the 49ers fans saw the delay as a hopeful sign. >> what do you think of the game so far. >> the game is terrible because the 9ers are playing badly but at least they turned the power
5:30 am
off. maybe they'll start the game over and we'll have a chance at that point. >> it's crazy. who would have thought this would happen. >> back up generators finally kicked in before full power was restored and the 9ers revved up and came so close. likely to be a somber flight as the 9ers return back to the bay area this afternoon. let's go to new orleans where michelle griego is hanging out in the big easy, and i bet you're asleep too when you jump on a plane later this afternoon, just a guess. >> reporter: oh, i will hit that seat on the plane and probably be out within, let's say 3 minutes or so. yes, it will be a somber flight for the 49ers that has amake their way back to the bay area. they're scheduled to arrive later this afternoon and a somber day r for 49ers fans.
5:31 am
the super dome holds more than 76,000 seats and many of the people who came into town for the game didn't even have tickets. they just wanted to feel the excitement in the air in the city where the super bowl is played and boy did they. sports bars were packed with 49ers fans and ravens fans watching this very emotional game it was not the outcome the 49ers fans wanted but still showing some love for their team. >> i will always bleed love and be a 49ers fan forever. harbaugh, we love you, the 9ers, we love you. we will always be there. one hell of a game. >> reporter: and there we go, beyonce was the super bowl half- time performance and boy did she rock it.
5:32 am
>> ♪ give it up for destiny's child. >> she left no doubt that she was a super star. she rocked the half-time show. as many as a hundred million people watched her performance and she made good on her promise not to lip sync for the half-time performance. she took the stage with destiny's child and as is the super bowl tradition, she did not get paid for her performance and i thought it was pretty good. we saw a little bit of it. i could tell you in the media room, all of the men had their eyes glued to the screen. >> i wonder why, michelle. allow does that work. >> what is the one thing you're going to take back, the one moment, the one thing about new orleans or the super bowl that sticks out in your mind. >> what sticks out in my mind is the southern hospitality here in new orleans. i honestly fell in love with
5:33 am
this city. so many people here are friendly from the locals to the police, they have welcomed us with open arms. people invited us into their homes and made us meals. that's what i really will take away from the city. tell lawrence and elizabeth and everybody else in the news room, i'm bringing presents for you guys, strictly from new orleans, yes. >> how about beads, i thought you were going to be draped in beads on your last day. >> reporter: what's that, i couldn't hear you. >> i thought you would be draped in beads on your last day. >> i hope you said beads, by isd is not working very well, i have a lot of beads, i packed them in my suitcase, i may bring you a couple strands frank. >> nice job, michelle griego live for us in new orleans. 5:35 now, baltimore police have had their hands full all night. news helicopters captured scenes, check it out, the massive i crowds downtown.
5:34 am
people swarming, cars on the streets, as you can see trying to overturn them. in one neighborhood, a mini van was stopped in the streets while fans climbed on top. 25 people arrested here in san francisco during and after the super bowl but overall police are describing the reaction to the game as low key. cbs 5 reporter cate cauguiran is here in the city with an update. good morning cate. >> reporter: san francisco police reported quiet conditions for the most part and even though things were under control, officers say they were prepared for everything. now, as you mentioned the san francisco pd says a total of 25 people were arrested for public intoxication. we saw on 3rd and king, two women were arrested for getting into a fight and another man for having too much to drink. officers were staged in the city's hot spots in san francisco's mission district, dozens of officers were decked out in riot gear, quick to move
5:35 am
at any mention of problem. >> i think people see the police presence so they kind of tend o to calm themselves down a little bit. you'll get a messer every now and again, but you'll get that everywhere. >> reporter: there were a few incidents around 16th and mission. some people through bottles at officers. a san francisco police spokesperson says one person was arrested for trying to light something on fire. overall police say for the most part, most people were behaved and it was a far cry from what we saw during the post world series celebration. reporting live in san francisco's mission district are, cate cauguiran kpix5. the 49ers are due to play their final game at the stick at the end of next season. soon after that it's expected to be imploded. kpix insider phil matier reports a shopping center will likely go up in its place. a lot of memories and history.
5:36 am
it's just,. >> it's gotten old. they're going to have that new beautiful stadium down south. >> a bit of a commute, what the heck. should be a pretty good week. we have fog out there. slow clearing around the bay area. we'll manage to squeeze in a little sunshine in most spots. high pressure is building in overhead. a lot of clouds rolling over the top of the ridge as you can see. and low clouds and fog down below. visibility down to a quarter and a half mile. overlooking the bay bridge, cloudy skies, 39 degrees in concord. 51 in oakland. 46 in san francisco. and 40 degrees in san jose. as we take you around the bay this afternoon, mid-60s. and 63 in antioch. concord at 62 degrees and sunshine. inside the bay, a little bit longer for the clouds to break up. upper 50s in san francisco and about 60 degrees in oakland.
5:37 am
we'll have more on your weather coming up right now. let's check out the roads. >> continuing to update you on new incidents and unfortunately we're relatively problem free. here's a live look obviously at the bay bridge toll plaza. very slight delays, no metering lights. back to work monday morning. a normal commute approaching the toll plaza. elsewhere we have a camera in san jose. a live look at 101 near the trumbull exit. both directions moving at the limit. elsewhere, to our maps, this is an accident we were watching officer to the right hand shoulders, going to give you an update, no delays any longer. that's traffic. frank, back to you. thank you, liz, new this morning, a fire possibility caused by a super bowl barbecue in san francisco. it started about 4:00 this morning on the second floor deck of a building on union streets. firefighters got residents out
5:38 am
and extinguished the fire in a couple minutes. most of the damage was to the outside of the building. this was the second fire this morning that may have been caused by a barbecue grill. one person is dead, another is wounded after a shooting in east san jose. elissa harrington on audubon drive now where investigators are trying to figure out a suspect and a motive as well. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank, yeah, police have a lot they still do not know. they are investigating if this could be gang related and i spoke with a neighbor, her heard 6 gun shots, followed by the car screaming away from the scene. the victim looked young, possibly teenagers. when police got here, they found two people suffering from gun shot wounds, one pronounced dead at the scene and the other taken to the hospital and expected to recover. police are trying to figure out what led up to that shooting. they do not know a motive and
5:39 am
have not identified any suspects. this marks the city's 4th 4th homicide of 2013. that is still lower than last year's pace in san jose, but more than police want to e see. in san jose, elissa harrington kpix5. the san jose fire department tweeted this picture overnight, the fire broke out just before midnight near north king and mckee road. no injuries have been reported and the cause is still under investigation. at 5:40, the 500-year-old remains of an english king found in a parking lot. and mover over, mcnuggets, mcdonald's is mixing things up, the first change to the happy meal menu in ten years. coming up.
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♪ you spice up my night feed my every desire ♪ jack's one hit wonder is now a burger. the hot mess is loaded with spicy jalapeños, onion rings and gooey pepper jack cheese. ♪ you're a - a hot mess ♪ and that's how i met your mom. ♪ hot mess ♪ come to jack in the box today and try the new hot mess burger that's loaded with spicy jalapenos, onion rings and gooey, pepper jack cheese. a touching moment before the super bowl. jennifer hudson joined the sandy hook elementary school chorus... singing ful". ♪oh, beautiful for spacious skies ♪ ♪ >> this was a touching moment, jennifer hudson joining the sandy hook elementary chorus. a strong showing in jan, futures trading suggests a
5:43 am
slightly higher opening and ashley morrison at cbs money joins us on a monday. how are you. >> happy monday, good morning frank and everyone. asian stock markets were mostly higher as investors felt confident. sing sing both rose about 1/2 percent. investors will be hope to go keep the bull run going. the dow closed over 14,000 for the first time in more than five years. stocks rallying encouraging job reports. and a catch 22 on dream liners batteries, the lithium ion batteries have been banned on boeing 787s for nearly three weeks and new rules allowed thymol to fly as car go on passenger plays. safety advocates say if they are too risky to fly a plane,
5:44 am
they're too risky to ship as car go. the nightmares continue. not a good time to be boeing. >> one of those flights out of san jose heads to january pa. -- japan. >> i know you like your junk food, and you'll be happy to know the happy meal is getting a make over. >> get ready for the fish mcbites, the happy meals will come with 7 pieces of fish mcbites. it will use the same alaska cod used in the filet of fish, and you can get them off the regular menu just like chicken mcnuggets, if you want a healthier option, nothing like fried fish and tarter sauce to make you feel lighter: >> put that healthy between quotes, mind you. >> yes. you're at mcdonald's, so live it up, you know, i guess. >> that is true. ashley morrison, cbs money, i'm sending you a
5:45 am
salad by the way,. it is 5:46: the count down is underway toward the opening of the new bay bridge span. governor jerry brown got it started right after the super bowl. >> we're not going to have any blackouts. >> let's hope not. >> there it is. >> there is there it is, the green light is going. >> 211 days to go. labor day weekend is when the new eastern span is scheduled to open. after eleven years of construction, the 6 1/2 billion dollar project is almost completed. and of course there are events planned for the long awaited opening. a bike across the bridge event and dedication are scheduled for sunday september 21st, and there will be a 10k run and walk across the bridge. that should be a big big day. and they have a pedestrian and a little bike path.
5:46 am
you can go from oakland over to to treasure island. >> i didn't know that. too bad it doesn't go all the way across. >> you're going to get stuck on the island. >> that's not a bad place. we have some fog out there, right now. looks likes it swept on shore and going to be gray to start with. we have an an exclusive bay bridge cam. you can see the old part to the right of the screen. won't be look and as frank mentioned, 211 days and they will open the bridge. that will be a sight to see. we have low clouds that have swept on shore and pretty thick in some spots, especially in the north bay valley. visibility down to a quarter and a half mile. mild inside the bay and the valleys, and there's a possibility that we could see a little rain later on this week. high pressure building in for today. that will send most of the energy right over the top of it. it will l have o to ramp up --
5:47 am
it will have o to ramp up the speed. we have clouds out there this afternoon, possible delays this morning as you head around the country. very cold in spots. the eastern half of the united states looking forward to spring like weather. slight chance of snow showers in new york at 32. 72 in houston and partly cloudy in denver. we're looking at clouds beginning to break around the bay area. and then it looks like hanging out on the beaches by the evening hours it starts to surge back on shore and tomorrow morning we're starting off with more clouds and fog. almost looking like a spring like pattern. temperatures in the 60s. 50s toward the coastline. east bay numbers in the 60s and inside the bay, 50s and 60s, too. next couple of days, high pressure going to give way to a chance of showers come thursday and friday and will return to sunshine over the weekend. elizabeth. >> thank you lawrence. and outside right now, here's a live look at the bay bridge
5:48 am
toll plaza where we can show you this because we're starting to see the first bit of backing up right now. approaching the toll plaza, no metering lights yet. the fast track lanes look good. up the incline, all the way towards treasure island. elsewhere to the other live traffic cameras, lawrence mentioned fog. it is patchy fog this morning and earlier we cannot see the a traffic camera approaching the dublin interchange. and those westbound lanes of 580, the nearly 20 minutes to 60. elsewhere if you're checking the east bay, drive time 18 minutes now to be specific between the al alta ma pass and 680. no delays for b.a.r.t.s muni, l caltrains or ace. everything mass transit related is on time. that's a check of traffic and weather. we have it here every ten
5:49 am
minutes. 5:50, former president bill clinton will speak at the funeral service for ed koch. he was the former new york mayor who passed away on friday at 88. it's not clear if hillary clinton will attend the service. he advised hilly and mayor michael bloomberg will deliver the eulogy at the funeral. england has identified human remains a as though it's king richard the 3 3rd. the king died in 1485 in the battle of bosworth fields, but the remains were never found until last year when they were discovered in a parking lot. there was no crown but tests have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that that is old richard, the king. a popular airline expands to the south bay and super bowl ads going for the big win.
5:50 am
which commercials were worth all the cash. when we come back. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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about to actually fly into silicon va welcome back, 5:53, an airline that markets itself to the silicon valley workers is about to fly into the silicon valley. virgin american airlines says it will offer four daily flights from san jose to la, and the carrier says this will likely be the first step in offering nonstop service between san jose and some other cities. later this morning, the or 8:00 team is set to relaunch a racing yacht that was damaged last fall. the ac72 will be on the water for the first time since it
5:53 am
capsized back in october on the bay. the sail and the hulls were damaged and much of the repair work was done in new zealand. all 30 o thousand of the parking meters in san francisco could be replaced later this year. muni is asking for bids to do the job. the new meters will accept various forms of payment, too. that will come in handy. they will be easier to read than the current meters. that will help, too. the parking policy manager says the meters should be replaced about every seven years. it wasn't just the 49ers and the ravens going for the big win. there was also a lot at stake for the super bowl advertisers. >> sweetheart, i'd love to, but the guys are outside waiting for me. >> i have doritos. >> steve, what is the hold up. >> well, as usual, the funny ads were a big hit. doritos dress up dad and taco bells we are young are trending
5:54 am
on tweeter and fans had a soft spot for the budweiser, generated buzz, by help to go name the new clydesdale. 40million bucks, and that one was good too. coming up at 6:15 michelle will be live breaking down the hits and misses of the super bowl commercials with bob horowitz. and we want you to weigh in, what was your favorite super bowl commercial, one goes to the buzz wider, clydesdale commercial. vicky says there's nothing like the their animals. e-mail us at cbs and in the next half hour, a super bowl with an unexpected doze of drama. what was behind the power outage that plunged the super bowl into darkness. >> and here in san francisco, police say 49ers fans were well
5:55 am
l behaved and local ravens fans said they had to take their celebrations underground. we'll tell you why coming up.
5:56 am
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. a super bowl black out, recharging the game, but the 9ers were just a few sparks short of a history making come back. plus we're live in new orleans with reaction french quarter last night, how the 9er faithful are taking the heartbreaking loss this morning. low clouds and fog blanketing the sky. and no big hot spots out there right ,000 a live look at 101 and a check of the bay bridge coming up. thanks very much. good morning it is february 4 february 4th. i'm frank mallicoat. michelle griego is in new orleans and we'll check in with her in just a bit. we're going to talk commercials with michelle. and it's 6:00 on your monday.
5:59 am
time to take super bowl here. football season is over, but not the way the bay area wanted it all to end. the baltimore ravens came out on top of the disappointed 49ers despite a second half come back for the 9ers. this was the killer touchdown. the 9ers were down 22 but rallied to come back within 2 ever so close, but it just didn't work out. vinita nair is in new orleans this morning with the story of the game, including the big surprise in the 3rd quarter, the black out. officials are still trying to figure out what went wrong to put the super dome in the dark. >> reporter: we know more about what happened during that 34 minutes of darkness in the super dome. officials say that the piece of equipment responsible for monitoring the electricity flowing into the building detected something abnormal. as a default, all of the lights went off. the lights stole the show at the super bowl when some of them suddenly


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